Researchers work to boost treatment of gastric cancer

Source: The Straits Times, 7 September 2016 Scientists have found that gastric tumours (pictured) are not all the same. Individual gastric cancers can vary widely in aggressiveness and treatment response. PHOTO: CHAN SHING LENG, CSI-SINGAPORE, … Read More

Research evolves as more patients survive

Source: The Straits Times, 31 August 2016 Many blood cancers once seen as death sentences have been transformed into chronic illnesses – thanks to newer, more specialised treatments, and better access to the latest drugs … Read More

New therapies offer hope to cancer patients

Source: The Straits Times, 24 August 2016 Cancer is no longer the death sentence it once was. There have been vast improvements in both detecting and treating cancer, and new technology has produced highly effective … Read More

More in Singapore surviving cancer battle

Source: The Straits Times, 24 August 2016 A model for the proton beam therapy system, an advanced form of radiation therapy, offered to The National Cancer Centre of Singapore. PHOTO: TIFFANY GOH FOR THE STRAITS … Read More

New Battle Tactic In Breast Cancer War

Posted on Apr 10, 2013 Last Updated Sep 17, 2013 Source: Straits Times (09 August 2012) A NEW treatment could offer hope for breast cancer patients whose tumours remain too large to remove via surgery despite … Read More